Our environmental and quality control policy

ISO certification

We acquired ISO9001:2008 certification
in December 2014 (Certificate No. UKAS 10254).

Our environmental and quality control policy

Our management policy

  • We constantly strive to adapt to the external environment and stay in touch with the internal environment to achieve continuous growth.
  • Business is alive. Everything alive will and must keep growing.
  • We work on every challenge with sincerity and best effort to build greater trust and confidence.
  • We concurrently make efforts to reduce environmental impact and create economic value toward the realization of a sustainable society.

Under the above-described management policy, we have striven since our foundation, and will continue to strive, to develop and provide innovative products with a business motto of sincerity and high quality, to create and maintain mutual trust with our clients and all related parties, and thereby pursue greatest client satisfaction. Based on the recognition that protection of the global environment is a mission for all mankind, we conduct all of our business activities with careful environmental consideration and also actively participate in local and regional environment preservation drives as a member of the local community.

To realize the above-described objectives, we act under the following policy:

  • We understand, respond to and fulfill the needs of our clients with a strong focus on good communication in order to provide satisfying services and products.
  • We aim to be a sincere and trusted company by complying with and respecting in our business activities all applicable quality control and environmental laws and regulations and any other requirements that we agree to.
  • With serious consideration of all global environmental issues including global warming, destruction of the ozone layer and environmental pollution by hazardous chemical substances, we make utmost effort to implement the following by minimizing and improving any potential environmental pollution arising from our business activities:
  1. Wherever possible, we select environment-friendly materials in developing and proposing sales promotion tools and products.
  2. We seek to efficiently use resources at our facilities such as paper, electricity and water, reducing the amount of use whenever possible.
  3. We reduce the amount of wastes we produce (both burnable and non-burnable) and actively reuse and recycle them.
  • We develop and maintain a quality control system and also continuously review and improve its effectiveness in solving the issues of our clients, thereby building stronger trust and confidence. As a result of all the above undertakings, we aim to help our employees achieve the greatest personal happiness and fulfillment.
  • To achieve the above, we clearly define our quality control and environmental objectives and also develop and implement a program for their continuous improvement, which will be actively put into practice in our daily activities and the success of which will be constantly monitored to identify and continually pursue possible improvements.
  • We actively educate our employees to ensure that they understand and are aware of the above-described quality control and environmental policy.
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