Business overview

Business overview

Enukanto Co., Ltd., founded in 1970, is a sales promotion specialist that plans, designs and produces various PR tools and implement events including product shows and shop displays. Initially catering mainly to pharmaceutical firms, we gradually expanded our scope of business to other types of clients. An important milestone in our growth was winning the advertising contract for the national government's public relations magazine, "Japan This Week", in 1978. We are continuing to expand our business to serve clients in the consumer electronics, bath, cosmetics and personal care product industries. At present, we directly deal with major manufacturers in a huge variety of markets including the food, logistics and pet product industries.
Our mission has remained constant for more than 40 years since our foundation: to precisely understand what the client wants and to offer the systems and tools that exactly satisfy their needs and boost their sales.
Even in today's era where the necessity of having a physical selling and buying space is being questioned, we keep contributing to the growth of our clients by boosting their in-shop sales with an unwavering focus on "shopper marketing and shopper insights".

Operations and services

Planning, producing and managing sales promotion projects

Conducting sales promotion projects in various sales and marketing modes, and planning, designing, implementing and managing production-related in-shop display tools, including:

  • On-floor display units
  • Counter-top display units
  • Rack-end display units
  • Hanger-type display units, etc.
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Planning, producing and implementing product shows and PR events

We cover all aspects of your sales promotion events including planning, producing, implementing and managing exhibition booths, large display furniture and window decoration.

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Patented products

The following are our patented products, including in-shop display and other innovative tools:

  • Roller slider
    Roller slider
    Patented in 2001 (Japanese Patent No. 3163060, US Patent No. 6089385)
  • Ingenious umbrella
    Ingenious umbrella
    Design patent applied for in 2012
    (No. 1457075)
Display rack
No. 4854974
SP drone
No. 6080143 (Japan)
US: No. 9984389
China: ZL 2016 1 0867945.2
Macau: No. J/003518
IoT-based digital POP
No. 6243570
Airborne display
No. 6482794
Utility Model Patents
Product advertising display
No. 3077420
Product display system
No. 3079572
Sticker attaching tool
No. 3086898
Notification and advertising tool
No. 3104776
Notification and advertising tool
No. 3107883
Notification and display system
No. 3114172
Product display tool
No. 3115173
Notification and display system
No. 3116554
Product display sheet holder
No. 3125735
Shelves for multiple-story tower type display rack
No. 3129202
Plates for advertising stand and standard-size trays
No. 3133269
Product display stand
No. 3152613
Product display hanger
No. 3156638
Display panel
No. 3159886
No. 3162302
Display material
No. 3165590
Product display tool
No. 3168885
Organic EL
No. 3203221
Fragrance sample
No. 3213765
NFC tag-fitted promotion hook
No. 3214054
Monitor storage case
No. 3216025
Design patents
Display case
No. 1056832
Product display and notification plate
No. 1067477
Floor-type slider furniture
No. 1067478
Display case
No. 1082117
Product display tool
No. 1085224
Product display tool
No. 1197507
Product display tool
No. 1213782
Product display tool
No. 1230777
Product display tool
No. 1257827
Product display tool
No. 1277646
Product display tool
No. 1291566
Hook for hanger board
No. 1337041
Hook for hanger board
No. 1337043
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Planning and production of various sales promotion tools and visitor giveaways, planning and development of new products

We cater to the client’s needs by recommending the most effective sales promotion tools that will boost your sales and improve brand value and power, including display tools, giveaways and promotion packages.

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